Social Care - Planning for the Future 

The Social Care sector needs an additional 1 million workers by 2025.

This is the startling statistic that many of us have been faced with, and is a cause for concern in an industry already suffering from a chronic skills shortage. Whilst working to reach, engage and retain staff is proving a difficult endeavour for the Care sector - its members and leaders are now being forced to look ahead, and begin planning for the future. 

The Office for National Statistics has reported that the number of people in England aged 85 or over will increase from 1.24m in 2013, to 2.3m by 2030. This alone will mean that the Care workforce will need to increase by at least 47% before 2025. 

To begin planning for these requirements - it's important to look at some of the major issues that are making recruiting to the industry increasingly difficult, and identify solutions to combat them now, in order to ensure that the industry thrives and is ready to meet the upsurge in demand.