Managing your Temporary Workforce

"Temporary workers are likely to make up one-fifth of workforces by 2022"

Research from PwC has found that only around one in seven workers want to work in a nine-to-five office environment in the future. Further research outlines that 24% of HR professionals are prepared for this change, while 56% are building possible future scenarios into their talent pipelines.

Most businesses already employ a temporary workforce - but, are they engaged? Are they well managed? An effective temporary workforce is just as good as a permanent one, with one added extra - flexibility. 

This eBook gives guidance on:

  • The benefits of employing temporary workers
  • How to effectively manage a temporary workforce 
  • How to effectively manage a PSL
  • The benefits of using a managed service provider
  • How increasing the number of temporary workers can have a positive impact on your business